I remember back to that first smile , the first crawl, the first hold…  and I have been pondering lately is there an age or a moment in time that i favour the most – The best moment in time..?  I can pretty much remember my best wave on a surfboard (one of the only barrels I have actually come out of!), my best goal in soccer (toss up between scoring the winner for The Trombones in the 3rd division final or an overhead kick in high school).. but is there a moment where you say it really doesnt get better in the development of my child’s life.  The question came to mind the other day when I was at my 12 yr olds horse riding lesson and I popped my 3 yr old Bijou on the horse for a quick ride after the lesson.  She had a massive unshakeable smile that i couldnt replicate now even if i tried – utter joy! The horse riding teacher said something along the lines of “they are so cute at this age”.  I have heard this line before, but what does it mean?  Do they lose cuteness?  Is it perhaps when they start arguing back, slamming doors etc?

Interestingly that day i pulled out the video camera.  It had been attached to my arm like some robotic appendage in the first 18 months of Bijou’s life ( I even made a Bijou the first year video – you know with shots of her eating, dribbling, sitting up, dribbling again.) Hours of entertainment for the whole family, or at least i thought it was until i subjected them to watching it.  Anyway I got the video out again and captured Bijou giving a special singing and dancing performance yesterday.  It reminded me that i hadnt taken any video footage for a few months.  Was this a signal of cuteness going… oh no…

So what this blog about i here you say.  Well I guess the thing is some days with my daughter there is an internal conversation – “is this the best age – is this the best moment?”.  All I can say is .. yes.. everyday.. every minute is the best moment.  I have a new job and now leave work at 6.15am every morning and Bijou has taken to waking up @ 6.14am to shout out from bed just before I leave for work – “Dad – I want a kiss!” – it melts me.  There is no capturing that on video and putting it on film.  The long and short of it is they dont lose cuteness, there is no best moment in time.. having a child makes sure that every moment in time is the best moment in time (even when they argue back!)


6 comments on Best moment in time…?

  1. neil says:

    Thanks Jim, I agree, 2-3 years is a great, very cute, age for little girls – it certainly makes you live in the now doesn’t it

  2. rick says:

    My oldest is nearly 13 yrs old and I’m still having moments (good ones) with all four of my kids.
    Maybe it’s not cuteness anymore, more likely I just think they’re great human beings or unique or kind people.
    The joy of being a dad doesn’t diminish after the cute stage, you have the rest of your days to look forward to 🙂

  3. nick says:

    True Jim every moment is gold. But at 5 and a 1/2 months my little fella has just started sitting up and he’s stoked to be able to really play with stuff and I’m lovin it too! His favourite toy is the soup ladle. Wherever we go all we have to do is locate the local ladle and he’s sorted for at least 10 minutes. He had two going today like a drummer, and he loved the flying ladle game too. Hours of entertainment for both of us.

  4. Ross says:

    Nice one! – I was the same with the camera in the early times but haven’t done it for ages – so much good / cute / new / funny stuff is happening all the time now but it is saved only in the head and heart. So many things are new for them now and I’m sure that will keep going for some time to come – and it is good to hear from Rick’s experience that there is a lot more to come!

  5. Lynn says:

    My son just turned 18, he’s still cute as a button, especially when every night without fail,he kisses me goodnight and says “Night Mum, I love you”. Melt me, so many Blessings in parenthood!!! ♥

  6. jim roberts says:

    ah.. love to hear stuff like this Lynn.. i got another kiss before work this morning too.. glad your enjoying the blog..

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