Last week Sally and I packed up our little house in the hills behind Byron Bay, put the dog and kid in the car and moved back to our home town, “The Goldie”. We’ve decided to rent out our house and will be looking after Sal’s dad’s place for a couple of years while he and his wife take off on a grey nomad adventure. The Gold Coast is just a few hours drive up the highway from Byron. But when you leave the sugarcane fields of Northern NSW behind and drive over the hill into South Tweed Heads its like  being teleported into a different dimension. A bit like the Chalmun Cantina in Star Wars. Sal and I left over ten years ago and in that time the Goldie has changed a fair bit. She’s had a few nips n tucks you could say. The recent housing boom saw a steady flow of newly affluent Aussies to the sandy tourist strip. SS ute sales went through the roof, and it was a very good place to be if you were a tattoo artist or a plastic surgeon.

In the coming weeks Sally and I (plus our little boy Reuben and Burt the dog) will be attempting to reintegrate into the Gold Coast way of life. The move is one of those sensible ones, made for all the right reasons unfortunately, to save money and be closer to work. The big plus is that without all the commuting I’ll get to spend more time with my family. Reuben cut his first two teeth recently and the ordeal seemed to raise his awareness of life and suffering. The little laughing buddha has become more aware of his surroundings and I’m really happy I can give him attention now that he’s sitting up and taking it all in. When he’s not squealing in gummy agony he’s really fun to hang out with too.

I still retain a glimmer of hope that when I brush away the surface of this sandy strip of decadence, an old school sheen will appear. So join us as we attempt to get the Brasso out on this old tart of a town and find something to call home. And if all else fails we’ve still got eachother…



5 comments on Home town blues

  1. jim roberts says:

    ah the goldie aint all bad.. and on a plus side i’m up there too!

  2. neil says:

    As you say, there is a big plus – and that is a big plus

  3. Rick says:

    You’ll be back to the swing of things in no time. Sally will get some new ink, and you’ll have that tummy tuck you’ve always wanted.
    Here’s to more time with the family.

  4. colin George says:

    Having more time when they are young is invaluable. A good dose of ‘another culture’ can be revitalising… means that we get to test out what we really value and discard the dross…fair well and byron is jsut down the road when you need a quick reminder

  5. Ross says:

    There are definitely worse places to be than the gold coast. I think the perception of it is worse than the reality. Life is was you make it and there will be loads of great things to do with Reuben up there – so enjoy the new opportunities (but come back!!)

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