This Friday I’m looking forward to the end-of-month MUF, where a group of Dad’s get together to talk, joke and drink around a fire at a secret spot on the Brunswick River (hopefully the satanic group who setup the alter and semi-circle are a no-show again this month).

Jokes aside, MUF stands for Men Understanding Fatherhood, I do wonder, is there a mini-men’s movement in progress?
And not just for midgets (sorry, that joke was there for the taking).

Men and especially Fathers have a different job description now than 20 years ago, and very different than 50 years ago. No longer just the bread-earners, they are also cooking, cleaning, bathing and shopping for the family, and not a woman I know would let her man get away with coming home, sitting down to read the paper while their wife cooks dinner (and cleans and bathes the kids) and perhaps giving the kids a rustle of the hair as they go to bed.

Just as women have been moving into traditional men’s areas for decades with education, careers and equal rights, men have also silently been moving into women’s areas such as cooking, caring for their kids and parenting as a whole.

And as women have found, its impossible to do it all, a mother, career women, lover, wife and domestic warrior.

Men now have similar expectations, and as we rise to the challenge, we also start to realise something’s got to give, we can’t be everything to everyone.

How can we be a good wage earner, good father, good husband at the same time? What is more important? What is our role now?

Is this a ‘meminism’ movement?!

No answers here I’m afraid, just questions… MUF can’t come soon enough.


4 comments on A mini-men’s movement?

  1. Scotty says:

    Nice one Yari! Poignant points matey…

  2. Neil says:

    As you say, being a good wage-earner, father and husband is a difficult balance with clear priorities to do all three well without ever slacking at any one of these tasks – doesn’t leave much time for being good to me – which I was bloody great at before fatherhood came along!

  3. yari says:

    Thanks Scott, I thought it was time we let MUF out on the blog, its never been mentioned before.

    Neil, totally agree with you, the only ‘time’ I seem to get is on the toilet!

  4. Ross says:

    Everyone just seems to be working harder and trying to be better at all of those things, and good on everyone for trying! The fact is both mothers and fathers need some time to regroup and recharge a bit like half time in a football game, but for us replace the sideline for a secret location and oranges for beers 🙂

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