I always imagined I’d be a millionaire by my mid-30’s, what with running a web development company and being on the bleeding edge of the internet, how could it not happen, sooner of later? Especially if I put in the long caffeinated hours, worked at a furiously pace and kept right at the fore front of the web.

Guess what? It didn’t’ happen. And its not likely to.

Its not that it CAN’T happen, but that I’m not willing to give up so much purely for money. What do you have to give up to make serious money? At the very least time, pouring it all into your business or career, rarely seeing your kids or wife, and no holidays, weekends, evenings even.

Somehow, over the years, I’ve come to accept this, and stopped living for the future, and started living for what I have already. Becoming a father helped in huge and unmeasurable ways, by putting a limit on the amount of hours I could work, at least if I didn’t want to miss seeing Sonny (3) and April (6)  grow up.

Realising that we can’t all be millionaires, and that most of us will simply live our lives on a modest wage, has strangely made my life more exciting. If I won’t be getting rich anytime soon, I can enjoy each moment with my great family, I can surf, swim, run and kick a ball around, go camping, on holidays, tend my bees and see my friends. And I’ll get to enjoy the next year, 5 years, 10 years, instead of always working towards my future, investing all that time and effort just on money.

Its not so bad after all really is it?


3 comments on Becoming a millionaire

  1. Neil says:

    Children are a great reason to live in the ‘now, to live in the moment, and every moment is precious – I agree

  2. rick says:

    Always good to keep it in perspective why we’re here Yari. To steal a line from the Cold Chisel song Bow River. “I’ve been working hard, twelve hours a day, but the money I save won’t buy my youth again”. Never a truer word penned.
    I think you get maybe 10-15 years of your kids attention, and then some more once they become parents themselves.
    I think lapping it up now is great, and you can become a millionaire in your 50’s, or may just be too set in your surfing, camping, ball kicking ways. 🙂

  3. yari says:

    Good supportive words fella’s, now I’ve gotta run as the surf is pumping

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