I recently heard a story about a little girl telling a little boy all about banking. “Youve never played banking? It’s easy” she said. First  you give me your ball and I charge you every time you want to play with the ball. I’ll also charge you if you want to give the ball to someone else, and a small monthly fee for holding onto your ball”.

It seems like ages since I chucked up a blog. I’ve been in that nether region that Jim blogged about. The baby/ work bubble. It’s been pretty good in the bubble up till now but I think Reuben is beginning to get bored of dad’s games. He’s just over a year old now and I’m starting to wonder if he’s getting enough mate time. So my question is, when do children start playing with people their own size?

Not that I don’t have a few tricks up my sleeve still. Rubes (his blokey name) caught his first wave the other day. 10 inch shorey, rode it all the way to the sand (3 second ride). And he did his first rock to fakey at the skate park last week too, and dont worry I got him some knee and elbow pads ( size: xs).






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