God I hate Christmas.

Ever since last Christmas I’ve been questioning why we do Christmas at all anymore?
I’m not Christian, don’t celebrate any of the religious aspects of the holiday, hate all the excessive presents and usually end up doing 3 or 4 weird-and-painful-Xmas-do’s each year.

Why am I talking about Christmas in May?
I’ve decided its time to do something about it this year, and its going to take some preparation.

Things I enjoyed from my last Christmas:

  • time with (close) family
  • time off work
  • getting away
  • spending time with friends, who feel more like family than family (you know what I mean right?)

This year, lets celebrate the things we, as modern and mostly-non-Christian families, like about Christmas. Such as spending time with friends, outdoors if possible (Dec is usually cracker of a month in the Australian summer), getting away somewhere and not spending thousands on cheap Chinese toys.

So, instead of spending awkward days with your extended family this year, how about spending it with your closest friends and immediate family, go away camping and share a meal and perhaps a simple gift?

Some tips on making this a possibility:

  • keep plans with your extended family vague, or even better, say you already have plans!
  • somehow suggest to your kids grandparents that a single gift would be better than 20 gifts… or they could spend all $1,000 they usually do on each grandchild on one quality toy (iPad anyone, mmmm)
  • plan like crazy with your friends, starting now, if you leave it till Oct / Nov its all over, bye bye and you’ll be spending it with the in-laws, again

We will be, stay tuned for the Xmas Spot X.


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