thought i might have a crack at writing a heartfelt poem about
my child.. through the baby years to now as she is almost four..

Being Dad

six years past was a different time
the endless summer
Beer, beach and bravado on my mind
and i laughed and i laughed…
the time sat waiting
inviting me to grasp
all thats needed now is a mate,
a board, a beer
an arm to twist or just to ask?
Happy? maybe but not content…

now six years on and I dared to dream
a family, a place to call my own..
a rocky, bumpy, long, hard road.
a journey of selflessness.
Leave your old self behind
hang on tight, buckle in
try to enjoy this ride
and for the toil and tears
the fast forward of you.. in years
the two, nah three coffee days
the memory jaded haze

now im here its all i care
left the endless summer
somewhere over there
and i say to you
my child my bairn……

“my selfless skin
I let you in
take it all
take everything
you are me and i am you
this tiny face
the smile of me
as generations tell the tale
of your winding journey
to bring you here
to me, to us
with all your love
i took the road less travelled by
to find you here right by my side…

and it has made all the difference.”


One Response to Being Dad, a poem

  1. Cap'n Spadgett says:

    Beautiful Jimbo,

    It’s only when we completely let go, then let go again, when you have nothing left of what you thought to be important, that the secrets of the Universe awaken within you.

    Here’s to letting go and living in that moment.

    Ps. Did you write that last para? It’s fucking brilliant.

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