I think the term demonic possession might be a bit harsh but recently something has got into my beautiful gentle three-and -a -half -year -old son.
Gone is the quiet sweet cherub of just a few weeks ago and in his place is the growling, sword wielding, hitting, swearing, entity that has replaced him.

After watching a seemingly harmless cartoon with his older siblings, his Mum and I often find ourselves being Kung Fu Panda’d with a karate chop or side kick to the lower body.
It took two of us the other morning to hold him down on the floor to get him clothed and he was delighted; a wrestle against two full-grown adults, bring it on!
The house is now filled with low growls and bellowing roars reminiscent of the Serengeti.

So what has got into him?
Seeking help in Steve Biddulph’s boy bible “Raising Boys”, I discovered that boys receive three Testosterone surges throughout their lives, and sure enough one of them is around four years old.
Their little bodies receive a Testosterone-hit equivalent to what they receive in puberty.
Google Testosterone and you will find it is nothing less than an anabolic steroid, a performance-enhancing drug, banned from use by professional athletes.
So my little guy may be displaying what body builders refer to as roid rage.

Testosterone is essential for health and well-being as well as the prevention of
Men produce about 8 times more of it then women, but women are a lot more sensitive to the stuff.
It sees men gain more muscle and bone mass than women and makes our bodies hairier. (in most cases)
It also gives the male a 15% larger brain than the females, but also makes us take more risks, and be 15% slower to run when charged by an elephant.

So how do I help my son in the throws of this drug surge?
Ride it out seems to be the only advise.
We’ll be doing our best to help indulge his physical activity needs and burn it off, with the knowledge that the surge will peak and subside to testosterone levels that his little body can manage again.

I’m still fantasizing about an Estrogen dart gun to knock the edge of him in times of need though.


5 comments on The Mouse that Roared

  1. neil says:

    Nothing to do with testosterone, but you are not alone Rick – my little girl of the same age does a tanty like a possesed teenager – I can only take heart from the book ‘Tears and Tantrums’ by Dr Aletha Solter which says “Children need the most love and attention when they act the least deserving of it”.

  2. yari says:

    I feel for you Rick, our boy Sonny is going through the exact same thing, its testing to say the least. Its all guns, bazookas and sirens, any stick is pounced on and he throws himself at me with no thought of getting hurt (which he does, a lot). A roid rage indeed.

    Last night my girl April (6) was singing and giving me a massage in front of the fire after a big day (for some pocket money mind you! this is not the rule but the exception) and Sonny was doing karate kicks, rolls, flips all around us, annihilating things, turning on his fire siren and generally running amok. Total opposites.

    Great topic, any idea how long this burst of testosterone lasts?

    • Rick says:

      Bits that I have read don’t give any thing definite as I guess there’s no set dosage and each boy might have different tolerances to the stuff.
      3-12 months from what I am reading on sites from grieving Mums!

  3. Ross says:

    Good luck Rick. Distract to defuse has been my only successful tactic so far…

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