I face a dilemma. What to sacrifice for the best of our family?

My wife and I have settled in an area we love and have spent the last 8 years here; the last 3 and a half as a family. We saw it as a great place to bring up our children, a small, strong and supportive community. We have been lucky enough to meet some really good people here and have shared our journey into parenthood with some of them. My daughter has started pre school at an amazingly nurturing place that she loves and has good buddies that she plays with. So what’s the frickin’ problem?
Well,  I,  like many other people, have to commute to work, and I have talked about this before as it has been a big issue for us. The drive is over 2 hours a day so that’s  about 12 hours a week that I sit in the car going back and forth. Doing the math that equates to 576 hours or 24 whole days a year, so by the time my daughter finishes school I would of spent almost a whole year in the car instead of with my family!
It is not just the time though, with our close family all over seas, we again like many people in todays Australia have no family support structure making parenting an intensive job. And if we were to start trying for number two then the situation becomes a whole load more tricky  (and tiring).
As parents we constantly need to make decisions, some bigger than others, always trying to make the right decision for our child /ren. It is so hard sometimes, so many factors to consider, so many variables unknown – what happens if you get it wrong? What if the right thing seems like the wrong thing? – you know what mean?
Having more time together and being able to provide much more day to day support we feel has to be the best option, even if it means moving (a bit further) away from good friends and leaving an amazing school and community.
I think the Japanese word for crisis also means opportunity so hopefully the road ahead leads to more blessings and good times, I’m sure it will.
So Joe Strummer was right – If I go there will be trouble,  but if I stay it will be double!

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  1. Sas says:

    Best decision we ever made babe x

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