One season we were a bunch of blokes, beering and cheering our way through social six-a-side soccer as ‘The Rusty Trombones FC’, then the next season we were all fathers or expectant fathers playing as ‘Fertile FC’ and going home straight after the game to nurse pregnant mother or child. When playing football we were united in a desire not to lose, but then we found ourselves united in something much bigger – the challenging transition into fatherhood.

We are a group of blokes aged in our thirties and forties who met when we started playing football together and then became fathers together. We’ve written a book about our experiences – our collective journey into mateship as a football team and our individual journeys into fatherhood as men.  With our book (released for Fathers Day in September 2011) and through this blog we want to openly and honestly talk about the excitement, worries, hopes and fears that come with the looming responsibility of becoming a good team player in a completely new team.  There are no experts here, just the actual men who went through it.

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