Praise for One Got Past the Keeper


‘So good it made me laugh out loud. This is not just for men but a book that gives an insight into men – told with real heart.’

Stephen Curry, AFI and Logie winning actor (The Castle, The King) and potential father


 ‘Babies and football could be a dangerous combination – here it is refreshingly honest and genuinely moving … I wish I’d had the chance to read this before my own son was born.’ 

Abe Forsythe, actor (Laid, Tripping Over, Ned), TropFest Winner and new father


‘What a great read! Great advice and very true.’

Joel ‘Parko’ Parkinson, three times winner of the Hawaiian Triple Crown of Surfing and father of three


 ‘I’ve never been a big fan of soccer, or the people who play it, really. That all quickly changed upon reading One Got Past the Keeper; a tremendous story of mateship, relationships and parenting. A must read for any man who is a dad, has a dad, is about to become a dad or who thinks they one day might be a dad.’ 

Steve Le Marquand, actor (UnderbellyBeneath Hill 60, Last Train to Freo) and recent father


 ‘This is just the sort of information new fathers need – stories of mateship and being blokes together that many men will recognise.’

Dr Richard Fletcher, author of The Dad Factor, leader of the Fathers and Families Research Program at the University of Newcastle and experienced father


‘Even after having two kids and being step mamma to three more – One Got Past The Keeper offered vital insight I didn’t even realise I’d been missing. Every woman entertaining ideas about breeding should read this book, it really opens up a world of compassion (and humour!) often difficult to find for our fellas during that incredible but challenging transition into parenthood. One of the easiest to devour and giving books I’ve read in a very long time.’

Mel Bampton – ex-triple J Presenter, Music & Books Editor, yen magazine and mother



7 comments on Praise

  1. Steve Bradbury - father and football fan says:

    I wish I has this book nine years ago for the arrival of my daughter.

    In addition to being entertaining, and insightful, it wonderfully reminded me of the two most defining moments in my life – being in the hospital for the emergency birth of my girl, and being in the stadium in Sydney for Australia’s win over Uruguay that propelled us into the World Cup finals in 2006.

    Euphoric moments both.

    And yes, my daughter plays football!

    • yari says:

      Thanks for leaving us a message Steve, its great to hear from other fathers, and inspiring to see how passionate you are about your daughter and football!

  2. Neil says:

    Must have been great to be in the stadium – I remember a group of friends taking our shirts off and running around my front room swinging them in the air when Aloisi scored. Hope your emergency birth eventually warranted the same type of reaction

  3. Lubo says:

    Guys your book is godsend! I’m totally loving it. We are half way through our pregnancy and I’m more than half way through the book. It’s really helpful to get the perspective from a bloke. Thank you for sharing your stories.

    Best of whishes to you all and your families!


  4. Raf says:

    …by the way, great story… you guys really put it out there… its great you were all so open and honest. This book is such a great achievement!
    – Raf, new father

  5. Ben C says:

    Hey Fellas,

    Just a quick word of praise for ‘Slipped thru the Keeper’. I lent my copy to a classic, super-Dinky Di Aussie farmer that was in my ante-natal class. He is a rock-solid bloke that wore blue stubbies and thongs to the class and insisted on referencing his tractor into each birth lesson.

    Anyway, he absolutely loved your book. He said he had no idea what being a father was all about – until he read your book. He also said he’d never had any serious conversations with other men about fatherhood before reading your book.

    You did something great if your words got through the emotional hide of a WA wheat belt farmer!

    Cheers fellas,


    • yari says:

      Wow thanks Ben, this is quite an achievement indeed!

      We’re glad to hear the book has reached the other side of the continent, and that its opened up a conversation around men + babies for this classic Aussie bloke.

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