The true story of Fertile FC: A six-a-side football team’s journey into fatherhood. Recounted in engaging, self-depreciating voices, the men write openly and honestly of the excitement, worries, hopes and fears that come with the looming responsibility of becoming a good team player in a completely new team. After their first season together they found themselves in a range of contemporary family constellations and birthing experiences. There is a young first-timer, one 48-year-old first-time father, one father having his second child, one with a step-child, and one dad already with children to a different partner. They recount natural home, water and hospital births, a birthing centre birth, a breech and caesareans.

The first chapters introduce the characters as they meet and become a football team. Then each chapter is one man’s narrative about how he met his partner and contributed to the pregnancy and birth of their child; and what it was like afterwards to bring home a baby. The final chapter is the shared experience of their six-a-side football team, which in season one entered a social soccer competition as beginners, in season two became fathers, and in season three became champions.

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6 comments on About our book

  1. Anna says:

    Ahhhhh this is BRILLIANT!!!!! I’m so thrilled that this has been written, so important and it sounds really humourous and easy for guys to relate to. I’m passionate about birth and the transition it is for new Mothers, so this is superb that guys can find some support and comraderie by reading this book. Hearing that all birth styles were covered was also very exciting, gave me tingles 🙂
    Congratulations and may this book be a fantastic success, reaching out to men in ways unimaginable xxx

    • Neil says:

      Thanks for your comments Anna. Good to hear our stories are appreciated, we hope men find it entertaining and humorous to read – and learn about some experiences of birth while doing it, cheers

  2. Peter Keil says:

    Delighted to be completely entertained. Congratulations on creating a beautiful thing … love the humour

  3. Neil says:

    Thanks Peter, I think we agree that one of the defining qualities of a man is humour

  4. Marcello Massi says:

    What a wonderful book and insightful stories…this brought back many memories on my experience. Congratulations on this collaboration.”

  5. nic says:

    Wow, wow! Finished the book. Wish we had it when we first became parents.
    Hope this book turns into a movie. It will be great for all parents, not just fathers, mothers too. Love all the honesty here.
    Much love to you and yours, and your beautiful fertile friends

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